PROJECT: Paseo de la Habana 71
TYPE: Office refurbishment
LOCATION: Madrid, España
ARCHITECT: Iker Ochotorena


“My studio is the combination of several spaces that satisfy my aesthetic aspirations of the last years. It is mainly composed of two big empty volumes with very tall height and overhead light which rests over the working area, the lounge area and the meeting area”.

“The weight of the emptiness vigorously gravitates and does not allow any decoration in the walls. Everything falls down, exposing the walls that cry while being conscious of the uncertain life that is to come”.

“In the middle of ‘busy Madrid’- full of dynamism – my intention was to achieve a decontextualized space from the city. An oasis of calm. A shelter of silence where the emptiness plays the main part. With limestone floorings and handmade lime-finished walls, the office looks like a temple where – daily – emotion must emerge”.

                                                                                                   – Iker Ochotorena